4 Ways to Exit a Commercial Real Estate Deal

By: Carter Crowley. Owner of Century Investment Group, LLC Do you want out of a real estate deal? Well, what options do you have? In this blog, I go over a few strategies you can use to successfully exit a real estate deal, and I even will throw in 2 bonus ways that few people … Continued

How to Calculate Value of Commercial Real Estate

Have you ever wondered how to calculate the value of commercial real estate? In this blog, I will walk you through how to generate a market value when looking at apartments, office buildings, or mobile home parks. Commercial real estate is much different than residential real estate as property value is not valued based upon … Continued

Five Commercial Real Estate Valuation Methods

Original Article Link: https://www.firstrepublic.com/articles-insights/life-money/grow-your-wealth/five-common-methods-to-value-a-commercial-property The purchase, sale, borrowing or even leasing options for a piece of commercial property often hinge upon the appraised value of the building. Assessing that value, however, is no simple matter. Whether it’s an apartment building, an industrial complex, a retail shopping center or an owner-occupied business structure, commercial appraisals are generally … Continued

How To Calculate The Profit Potential of Your Oshkosh Commercial Property

If you want to purchase a commercial property in Oshkosh, you’ll need to know how to calculate your profit potential. Buying commercial real estate investments can help you build wealy and add to your investment portfolio. Learn about what to look for when buying a commercial property in our latest post! Many real estate investors … Continued

What To Look For In Your Oshkosh Commercial Property Investment

Are you thinking about making a commercial property investment in Oshkosh? Before you do, there are a few things you should be looking for. Check out our latest post to learn more about what to look for before you buy! Investing in commercial property is the natural progression for many investors who want to expand … Continued

Step By Step Process to Buying a Mobile Home Park!

Original Article: https://www.biggerpockets.com/blog/2013/05/17/buying-a-mobile-home-park/ I vividly remember the day I decided to buy my first mobile home park.  I was a complete beginner and didn’t have a clue what to do first, second or third.  I spent hours reading and reading and talking with other investors.  It seemed the more I learned the more confused I … Continued

Using House Hacking To Build Wealth In Oshkosh

House hacking is one of those terms you may hear as you begin your investment journey, but what is it exactly? Learn more about what it is and how to do it in our latest post! House hacking in Oshkosh can be an excellent way to build your personal wealth. Finding these sorts of loopholes … Continued

7 Things Oshkosh Landlords Can Do To Attract The Best Tenants

Do you know how some landlords are able to always attract the best tenants to their properties? Below, we offer several ideas to draw in the best renters.  Anyone can buy a rental property and anyone can pay to have it fixed up. However, one of the most important factors in a successful rental situation … Continued

Are you a mobile home owner that wants to Sell?

Original Article: https://www.mobilehomeinvesting.net/how-to-sell-a-mobile-home-in-a-park/ 1. Understand the current used mobile home selling market. The goal of this page is to give you the real-world tools and info you will need to sell your home fast! With that said I would love to tell you that mobile home buyers will be lining up to pay you all-cash … Continued

How To Properly Handle Maintenance Issues For Your Oshkosh Rental

Do you know the best ways to handle maintenance issues for your Oshkosh rental property? Maintenance and repairs can become an area of contention between a landlord and a tenant. Read some of our best on how to manage requests in our latest post! One of the most demanding parts of being a landlord can … Continued

Selling Commercial Real Estate

Original Article Link: https://www.streetdirectory.com/travel_guide/68622/real_estate/four_keys_to_selling_an_apartment_building_yourself.html When it comes to selling commercial real estate, there are certain procedures that should be followed and some considerations that keep in mind prior to placing the property on the market. A careful consideration of these procedures will result in a much better outcome when the property is sold. One of the … Continued

6 Ways To Generate Interest For Your Rental Property in Oshkosh

As an owner of Oshkosh investment properties, you’ll want to find a way to generate interest for your rental property. In our latest post, we offer some great ways to do just that! As a landlord, you might find it difficult to make your property stand out from the rest. If there are several rental properties … Continued

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Investing In Oshkosh Real Estate Now!

Have you always wanted to become a real estate investor? Or maybe you want to add to an already robust portfolio. Either way, our latest blog can help you learn more about why now is the time to invest in Oshkosh real estate!  Many people want to invest but never make that first step. Investing … Continued

How to Sell an Apartment Building

Original Article Link: https://www.uniqueprop.com/a-selling-checklist-3-tips-for-a-smooth-apartment-disposition/ Sell An Apartment Building When it’s time for a property owner to prepare their apartment disposition, there are many items that they need to consider and “check off” in order to ensure that the property can sell at the highest price possible and to also make the transaction process a smooth … Continued
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